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Conservative or inspired? Five colours ideas for your conservatory and garden room

In years gone by, conservatories and garden rooms were simple affairs with plain décor and basic furniture. But today’s conservatory and garden room owners are more adventurous than their predecessors and much less concerned about conventional appearance.

The modern conservatory or garden room is an extension of both the owner’s home and the home owner themselves. But how can your transform your space from the ordinary to the extraordinary, and without it costing a fortune?

One way to bring personality and individuality to a conservatory or garden room is through the colour of the paint used for the interior, exterior and glazed areas.

Different colours make very different statements, offering the contemporary owner plenty of choice when it comes to expressing themselves and creating a space in which they can relax and unwind.

Below we outline some of the most popular conservatory and garden colour choices, and the ambiance and atmosphere they help to create.

The classic: white

White is the traditional colour choice for the interior and exterior of conservatories and garden rooms. Its neutrality means it can be matched with almost any other colour, whether that be in the carpet, furniture or art/accessories used to decorate the space.

White helps to create a light and airy feel, which is perfect for conservatories and garden rooms situated in small or shady gardens.

White may be a classic colour choice, but we always recommend combining it with different shades to ensure your conservatory or garden room doesn’t feel too clinical. One way of doing this is to use hints of cream.

Adding warmth: cream

Cream is white with the dial turned down a few notches. When paired with white it still conveys a sense of open space, but with added warmth.

Softer and a little easier on the eye, it is often the colour of choice of conservatories and garden rooms outside older properties thanks to its slightly muted quality.

When it comes to furniture and accessories, cream works really well with whites, golds and even soft pinks.

At one with nature: green

Green is known for its soothing qualities, and for evoking a sense of nature. It is a colour of growth, harmony and restoration, and the perfect choice if you want your conservatory or garden room to blend seamlessly into your garden.

Green brings the outside inside, and will help you feel at one with nature. It is proven to help with rest and relaxation, and is one of the most popular colour choices after white.

Added depth: dark colours

Dark green, charcoal, bronze and similar hues still offer natural harmony, but bring additional gravitas and depth to your conservatory or garden room.

Subtle yet strong, they deliver a sophisticated ambiance, especially if matched with carefully chosen furniture and accessories.

Dark colours work best on conservatories or garden rooms attached to new-build houses or older properties that have been extensively modernised and renovated.

Dare to be different: bold colours

 If you are feeling adventurous, then you might want to explore more intense colours such as fire engine red, burgundy or saffron yellow.

These colours are powerful, and must be used carefully.

If you strike the right balance, you can create a space that is warm and inviting, perfect for keeping warm during long, dark winter days.

Of course, bold colours can work equally well during the summer months – yellows and blues can create a feeling of oceans and beaches.

The great thing about colour is that there are no rules; you can mix and match different shades and tones in order to create the right space for you.

So, whether you are feeling inspired or prefer to take a more conservative option, there are plenty of colours, shades and combinations to choose from.

For colour inspiration, check out our case studies  to see how our beautiful windows, sash windows and doors have added charm and character to these homes.

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