Choosing the correct furniture for your door is extremely important. Something secure, long lasting and that fits with the age of your property and the design of your door is crucial.

Partnering with Samuel Heath, we boast a large collection of handles, door knobs, letterboxes and knockers, all of which carry guarantees of up to 25 years.

Our Product Range

Door Knobs

Samuel Heath polished chrome door knob
These weighty door knobs complement our range of Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian door sets perfectly and come in 8 different finishes ranging from polished nickel to antique bronze.

Door Knockers

Chrome Doctors knocker
With classic styles to suit everything from traditional country cottages through to large Edwardian doors, the right door knocker isn’t just to let you know you have a visitor.

Door Handles

Satin chrome Samuel Heath Profile handle
Choose from our period or contemporary style handles or opt for our ‘Townhouse’ locking which requires just an escutcheon plate to give a clean, minimal aesthetic.


Antique brass Samuel Heath letterbox
Speak to a member of our team to advise on which letterbox works best with your chosen door. We offer a selection of fully weather rated boxes in a wide range of finishes.

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