Energy Efficiency Ratings Explained

Energy Efficiency Ratings Explained

Have you ever looked at those colourful, energy efficient bar charts and wondered what they all mean? Or even how they affect you and your property? You may even understand the ratings but are at a loss as to how to increase your home’s energy efficiency .Worry no more. Read our helpful guide ‘energy efficiency ratings explained’ and be confident when selecting the most energy efficient doors and windows for your home.

The grade your home receives is a direct reflection of how energy efficient it is. Homes in the UK are graded A –G. An A rating is the best grade your home can receive.  Meaning an A grade property is the most energy efficient it could possibly be and will have the lowest fuel bills. An A rated property would most likely have had energy efficiency at the forefront of the design.

Alongside the current ratings, the energy efficiency chart suggests the potential grade of your home. This means, with a few wise investments, you can lower your energy bills and your carbon footprint.

In the same way our homes are graded to reflect their energy efficiency, all reputable windows are awarded a similar energy efficiency label. The letter ratings are given to window products based on the whole window, including the glass type, frame design and material. Each window is meticulously assessed to measure its effectiveness in preventing heat loss, keeping out draughts as well as measuring how well it absorbs natural free energy from the sun.

An A++ rating indicates the most energy efficient window.

At Timber Windows, we fit doubled glazed units with thermally insulated glass that boasts an incredible 45% increase in energy savings, compared to ordinary double glazing. We are proud to offer glazing that has an extremely low U-value which means all our materials offer the highest quality of insulation.

By choosing energy efficient windows, you will not only benefit from keeping heat in and significantly reducing energy bills, you will also benefit from a reduction of external noise and condensation.

We are proud to offer windows that are fitted with warm edge spacer bars. Low conductivity spacer bars help to minimise heat loss and combat condensation levels on the inner pane. Our specifications can be found here. 

One final but important note…a window is only as good as its installation. Even if you choose an A++ rated window, the energy efficiency of your home will only increase if the window is fitted by an experienced specialist.

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