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Timber windows and doors are widely regarded to be very secure and, more often than not, more secure than their uPVC equivalents. The reason for this is that new security devices can easily be added to the door unlike with uPVC, where the material is not strong enough to support any additional fittings (unless they are built into the metal framework of the door) meaning that the door or window is only as secure as when you first bought it. This isn’t the case with timber windows and doors.

As well as actually being secure, it is very easy to spot whether someone has tried to gain access to your property because of the damage and marks left on the wood, allowing that you to call the authorities or bolster security in case the perpetrators come back again.

In order to have the most secure timber windows, it is advisable to invest in high quality to prevent degradation, all of our timber windows come with a 30 year guarantee.

More information on how to secure your doors
More information on how to secure your windows

When painting timer windows and doors it is always best to use an oil based primer along with the best quality exterior paint and gloss you can find – we recommend Farrow and Ball.

The most important consideration when painting timber windows and doors is the painting process itself. We suggest the following:

  • Give them a scrape to remove loose peeling
  • Rub down with sandpaper (40 grit is best for this)
  • Coat bare wood with oil based wood primer
  • Two undercoats of good quality exterior paint
  • One or two coats of good quality exterior gloss

It is worth noting that you cannot stain softwood windows and doors, but these are fine for painting.

Windows are a large factor when it comes to the value of your home, in some instances, the type of windows you own could increase or decrease the value of your home.

Double glazing has been known to add up to 10% to the value of your home and increase the likelihood of a sale according to property experts.

In some instances, uPVC have actually devalued period properties that have been installed. According to the BBC this devalued one period property by £12,000.

Some property experts have commented that if you’re house’s windows are PVC or unsightly then new buyers will use replacing them as a bargaining tool.

For more information on this, read our guide

Making the decision to invest in new windows and doors can be a daunting one, but at Timber windows we try to make sure you feel comfortable when doing so. The guides below should give you an insight into what type of windows will best suit each type of property, from cottages to town houses we have a guide to help you:

Cottage Windows & Doors
Town House Windows & Doors
Farmhouse Windows & Doors

Timber is a natural insulator and can provide better thermal efficiency as uPVC windows in some cases, but overall the two are largely similar when it comes to thermal efficiency.

Although as efficient as uPVC windows, timber windows and doors are much more sustainable and environmentally friendly as 100% of wastage during production can be recycled, compared to just 50% for uPVC.

View our energy saving tips

There are pros and cons to having a local joiner install your windows and doors, but essentially, using Timber Windows for making and installing your windows brings three things

We guarantee high quality with all of our products, guarantees you wouldn’t get from a joiner:

  • Timber – 30 year guarantee
  • Glass – 10 year guarantee
  • Hardware – 10 year guarantee
  • Workmanship – 10 year guarantee
  • Paint – 8 year guarantee
  • Stain – 5 year guarantee

We offer skilled and experienced labour. Although joiners are very qualified, they often do not specialise in window or door installation like our team do.

We have professional partnerships with iron mongering and paint specialists, meaning that you will be getting the very best finishing touches to your windows and doors to make them last.

The initial outlay of timber windows is expensive when compared to uPVC windows. But regardless of this, they can add real value to your property, making it more attractive to possible buyers, making them a long term investment that outweighs the initial cost.

If properly cared for, they can last as long as uPVC windows and retain their look for longer. With our 30 year guarantee you can be sure that the initial cost will be worth it in the value that it will add to your home, which is likely to be over and above the initial cost.

Many people think decorating your Timber Windows is a tricky task, but with our handy guide, it couldn’t be easier. Whether you fancy a change of colour, or want to boost your kerb appeal we’ve put together some top tips and tricks on how you can decorate your Timber Windows with ease.

If properly cared for, they can last as long as uPVC windows and retain their look for longer. With our 30 year guarantee you can be sure that the initial cost will be worth it in the value that it will add to your home, which is likely to be over and above the initial cost.

Our decoration guide

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