These Authentically styled French Casement Doors can open in or out with either door designed to open first. Attention to detail ensures our French Casement Double-Glazed Doors look entirely original, whilst providing modern standard of comfort, security and longevity in use.

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What is a French Door?

French doors are a style of interior and exterior entranceway that have been around for hundreds of years. Their classic and traditional appearance makes them a very attractive choice for customers.

Often, French doors are used as a design feature more than a traditional entrance door, and usually open onto gardens and outdoor areas.

At Timber Windows North, our French doors can open both inwardly and outwardly using a simple hinge opening. This makes them a great design option to connect your home exterior to your interior, especially during the long, warm summer nights.

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What are the benefits of French Doors?

Maintenance – Unlike bifold and sliding patio doors, French doors are extremely easy to maintain and use. Because they do not slide or fold, and therefore do not use a track mechanism, these double patio doors are extremely easy to clean, and are simple to open and close.

Security – Our wooden doors are also built with security in mind. With full height locking mechanisms and robust hinges we aim to minimise any threat from potential intruders into your home.
We also install internally glazed glass panelling, so they cannot be removed from the outside.

Thermally Efficient – Our double-glazed glass also ensures that your home is absent from any unwanted draughts, keeping you warm throughout the colder months.

Appearance – French patio doors are perfect for allowing more light into your home and opening it up, and are a great way to connect the outside and inside.
Coming in a range of designs, these patio doors will add kerb appeal to your home from both the inside and outside, and will have passers-by and visitors alike envying your design.

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Are French Doors Long Lasting?

Our double patio doors are engineered with specialist timber that is designed to minimise swelling and warping.

This advanced technology helps to ensure that your door continues to work smoothly for years to come. Even still, they come with a 30-year guarantee against rot, giving you complete peace of mind that you will always have a door of the highest quality.

Not only is our timber long lasting, our advanced paint-system also comes with an 8-year guarantee against any need for redecoration. Whatever colour design you choose for your door, rest assured it will remain looking brand new for years to come.

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Why Choose Our Timber French Doors?

At Timber Windows North, our team of experts will work with you to create French doors that you love.

Our aim is to create a new design feature for your home that is personalised, and manufactured to your specifications, so it can fit seamlessly into your home.

Our timber French doors are one-of-a-kind, come and talk to us and find out how we can help you.

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    French Doors
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