Timber casement windows and wooden door in Cheshire

Timber Windows were requested in Macclesfield, Cheshire to install timber casement windows and wooden doors at Mr and Mrs Upton’s 1800s terraced cottage. The couple had wanted to replace their current windows and door for a long time. Mrs Upton explained, “the previous windows and door were old and had rotted”.

The couple had a clear goal in mind to have their new design fit the time period of their home. However, they still wanted to put their own stamp on the project. “We looked down the street for inspiration, but no-one has the originals anymore, and no-one had done anything we wanted to mimic, so we did our own thing to stand out, in the best way”.

Our team suggested Mr and Mrs Upton visit out Knutsford showroom so we could showcase our design ideas. This gave the couple a clear idea of what their new windows and doors would look like with the rest of their home.

Mr Upton commented, “David from the Knutsford showroom presented digital mock ups of our house, this really helped our decision making and to see options we hadn’t even considered”.

After careful consideration, the couple decided on a Chalfont front door and wooden casement windows throughout their home.

Installation of timber casement windows and wooden door

The brand-new Chalfont entrance door was designed with glass panelling, allowing light to pour through Mr and Mrs Upton’s hallway. We also accessorised the door with black hardware which acknowledged the 19th century roots of the house.

Mr and Mrs Upton’s timber casement windows were finished in French Grey to match the colour of their entrance door. Each window was also designed with 18mm astragal bars to add interest, and allow more natural light into the home.

Mr and Mrs Upton loved this added design feature. They explain, “The front rooms are so much lighter now – this is despite us thinking we may have to make a compromise on this in order to have the bar design we liked, so it has been a revelation to discover that we weren’t sacrificing light”.

Other benefits the couple have experienced from their new windows and doors also include significant noise reduction. “Having a fairly busy road to the front of the house, we’d often been disturbed by passing pedestrians and traffic, but it is so different and quiet now”. Due to our high-quality double glazing, Mr and Mrs Upton can now relax in their home without the worry of any unwanted disturbances.

Why choose timber casement windows?

Wooden casement windows are a simple window style with easy openings, better thermal efficiency and offer high levels of security. Due to their wooden structure, timber casement windows are much more durable than other styles of casement windows.

You can revitalise your property with replacement casement windows as you can see on this Cheshire property. Though the change can be subtle, this design refinement can refresh your home whilst improving its energy efficiency.

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