Patio doors offer a very contemporary door for modern properties, they can maximise the feeling of space where it is at a premium as well as allowing the garden to be enjoyed from within the home.

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What are Patio Doors?

Traditionally, patio doors are an external sliding glass door used to create a seamless transition from your outdoor area to the rest of your home.

Our wooden patio doors have one sliding and one fixed panel, with the sliding glass panel operating on upper and lower tracks. Fitted with rollers, the sliding patio door runs seamlessly over these tracks to create a smooth and uninterrupted opening.

Our doors can be created to be completely bespoke to your home, with doors being made up to a staggering 18m wide and up to 6m tall with only a single vertical divide.

This, along with our sash frames allow you to enjoy your garden and its stunning views, and maximise the space you currently have.

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What are the Benefits of Wooden Patio Doors?

Durability – Our timber is engineered specifically to minimise any swelling and warping that could occur in your wooden frames. This technology keeps your door working smoothly for years to come.
However, as an addition, all of our doors come with a 30-year guarantee against rot.

security – Traditionally, sliding doors are not renowned for their security, however, at Timber Windows we break this mould. All of our doors are fitted with heavy duty locking systems, anti-lift devices and laminated glass to help protect against unwanted intruders.

space saving– Sliding patio doors are also a great way to maximise space. Unlike French and bifold doors which protrude from the line of the wall, patio doors fit seamlessly into your existing structure, meaning you can make the most of both your inside and outside space.
Patio doors also allow a lot of natural light to enter a home and allow it to “open up”, which helps to create the illusion of a much larger living space.

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Are Patio Doors Thermally Efficient?

Across the UK, it has been approximated that around 40% of heat generated within homes is lost via windows and doors.

At Timber Windows North, all of our glass patio doors are installed with advanced double glazing window glass. This is known to be twice as efficient as standard double glazing, which helps to ensure our doors remain energy efficient.
As well, there is also no need to worry about unwanted draughts or chills, as every one of our patio doors is fitted with double, fully integrated draught seals that wrap around each door.

All of this helps us to ensure that minimal heat is lost from your home, and your home remains as thermally efficient as possible.

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Why Choose Timber Windows for Your Patio Doors?

At Timber Windows, we understand that you need a door that you can rely on. Something that is durable, secure but will also look good with your home as well. When you decorate your door with us, you have full access to our RAL paint range, specifically designed to withstand the natural elements, to find a colour that works for you.
Our advanced paint system even allows us to provide an 8-year guarantee against the need for redecoration.

Our sliding patio doors are a guaranteed space saving solution that will allow you, your friends, and family to socialise and travel freely between your homes interior and exterior.
Our doors also give you uninterrupted views of your outside areas, allowing you to relax, unwind, and enjoy your home.

Come and visit our showroom and see how we can revitalise your home.

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