Wooden patio doors

Our range of wooden patio doors has been engineered to enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal without compromising on durability or energy efficiency. Whether you're seeking traditional charm or contemporary elegance, our selection offers a variety of designs to suit your preferences.

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How do wood sliding patio doors work?

Timber patio doors typically operate along a track system that is installed at both the bottom and top of the wood door frame. These doors are designed with rollers attached to the bottom of the door panels, allowing them to slide horizontally with ease. Door furniture such as handles can then be integrated into the door's design for effortless opening and closing.

Whilst sliding doors are beneficial for a range of homes, they are especially beneficial in spaces with limited room for doors to swing inward or outward. Their compact design allows the opening door to slide behind the fixed panel, making them suited to areas such as kitchens and bedrooms.

Features of timber patio doors...


With our sliding patio doors, customise the number of sliding panels, and their width to allow as little or as much natural light into your home interior. Create a statement door feature that guests will remember, and experience the benefits of indoor/outdoor living.


Wooden sliding patio doors are the perfect solution to maximise space efficiency, as they do not require extra room for door swings. This makes them ideal for areas with limited floor space.


Our multi-layered wood structure minimises warping and twisting which can cause wood to swell over time. This extends the lifespan of our wooden patio doors and makes your purchase cost-effective.


Through using minimal plastics in our door designs, we can create a wooden door range that is as sustainable as possible.

Choose Timber Windows for your wooden sliding patio door installation

Our dedication to quality ensures that your installation experience exceeds expectations. With a range of design options to choose from, and a choice of paints, stains, door hardware and panelling, your timber sliding patio doors can be made completely bespoke for your home.

Our team will not only deliver a functional entryway, but a statement piece that elevates the aesthetics and functionality of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions...

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