Wooden stable doors by Timber Windows

Our stable style doors combine traditional charm with modern functionality. These unique timber doors, known for their split design, offer the perfect blend of style and practicality for your home.

You can also enjoy the benefit of increased ventilation and natural light. Keeping the top half open will invite a gentle breeze and sunshine into your space, whilst having the bottom half remain securely closed. Why not elevate the aesthetic of your home with a touch of rustic elegance that only a timber stable door can provide.

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What is a stable front door?

Stable doors for houses, often referred to as a Dutch door, is a unique type of door characterised by its horizontal split, dividing it into an upper and lower half. This distinctive feature is the hallmark of its design, allowing each half to be opened independently.

Originally, these doors were practical solutions in stables, designed to keep animals contained while permitting light and air to enter. Over time, this practical design has transcended its rural roots and whilst it has more commonly been found in country-style or traditional homes, is now becoming increasingly popular in more modern settings due to its unique blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The rustic look of a wooden stable door adds a quaint, country charm to a residence, while its functionality aligns well with contemporary lifestyles.

Why you need a wooden stable door for your home

There are several features that set Timber Windows’ stable front doors apart from the rest.


Our wooden doors bring a natural, warm aesthetic that will be both visually appealing to visitors and passers-by, and equally comforting to you as you enter your home.


The functionality of a wooden stable door is a significant aspect of its charm. The ability to open just the top half provides an airy, well-lit interior whilst maintaining a level of security and privacy with the bottom half closed.


All of our front doors are designed with engineered wood to make sure they are built to last and will make your purchase cost-effective over its lifetime.


We use minimal plastics to create a product that is as sustainable as it can be. This means our stable doors are much more eco-friendly than others on the market.

Timber Windows helps you buy stable doors with confidence

At Timber Windows, we offer an extensive selection of 40 standard door designs, each fully customisable to meet the unique needs of your home.

Exploring our showrooms is an excellent starting point, where you can browse, consider, and learn about the different door options available. Additionally, our doors come with a variety of colour choices, distinctive door hardware, and glazing options, ensuring that your new door is not only unique to your taste but also perfectly tailored to your preferences.

We stand by the quality of our products, providing a 30-year guarantee on the wood and a 12-year guarantee on the paint finish of our stable doors. The installation process is also handled by our team with utmost attention to detail. A skilled professional from Timber Windows will visit your home to ensure that your custom-made door aligns precisely with your home's specifications, guaranteeing a perfect fit and finish.

FAQs – Everything you need to know about timber stable door designs from Timber Windows

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