When we replace sash windows, we replace all frames, weights, and sashes to ensure your new bespoke wooden windows are perfectly true and square, to avoid any unwanted draughts and rattles. Visit our showroom to see and feel how smoothly our traditional box sash windows slide, and how replacements will benefit your home.

Wooden sash windows

All of our wooden sash windows are built with your home security in mind. We design each of our timber windows with standard fittings such as key locking fitch catches, limit stops and double glazing to give you the ultimate peace of mind when securing your home from potential intruders.
Our specially engineered timber is also incredibly durable and hard wearing making the process of invasion difficult for would-be intruders.
Ask one of our team about our Security+ upgrade for sash windows.


Double glazed sash windows

Insulation is a key feature when looking to invest in new windows to minimise heat loss within your home.
Here at Timber Windows, all of our sliding sash windows have 23 hidden vinyl seals and double glazing filled with Krypton gas.
These are just 2 of the special features that our sliding sash windows include to maximise insulation and minimise condensation, making us the best choice for your new sash windows.


Efficient & durable sash windows

The timber that we use to create our sash windows is designed to minimise the chance of any warping and swelling. Warping and swelling can occur in timber due to it being exposed to moisture in the air, which can consequently impact the lifespan and overall quality of the timber housing your windows.
As a result, we use specific technology to engineer our timber to ensure a long lifespan, with little chance of swelling and warping. Additionally, our windows also come with a 30-year guarantee against rot.
Our advanced paint system allows us to provide an 8-year guarantee against the need for redecoration
The elegant proportions and slim sightlines form the most beautiful and efficient window style history has produced.

made-to-measure sash windows

Here at Timber Windows, we want to help create a home that you can be proud of. Our aim is to create a sliding sash window that is secure, weather resistant, won’t rot, warp or swell and has industry leading insulation qualities, all whilst maintaining the character and charm that is desirable about a sash window.
It is important to us that the security and the aesthetic of your wooden sash windows never has to be compromised and with all of our windows, we can guarantee you won’t have to do that.
Visit our showroom to find out how our range will benefit you.

  • white wood bay window
    Sash Window
  • large house with white wooden sash windows and sage green wooden door
    Sash Window
  • white wooden panelled front window
    Sash Window
  • house with green timber windows
    Sash Window

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