When we replace sash windows, we replace all frames, weights, and sashes to ensure your new bespoke wooden windows are perfectly true and square, to avoid any unwanted draughts and rattles. Visit our showroom to see and feel how smoothly our traditional box sash windows slide, and how replacements will benefit your home.

What are Sash Windows?

Sash windows are vertically opening windows, designed with two window panes that sit one in front of the other.

Sash windows are designed in frames with vertical channels that allow the window panes to move seamlessly up and down, and minimise any chance of rubbing and damage. It is this design that gives them their other common name of sliding sash windows.

Sash windows come in a range of different designs to suit your home, and are inspired by different time periods. Ranging from Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian there is a sash window design to suit any home.


What are the benefits of wooden sash windows?

Sash windows have both aesthetic and practical benefits to add to your home.

Wooden sash windows have been found on homes for hundreds of years. They are a great window option for those wanting to retain the charm of a period home, but have the smooth running technology of today's modern windows.

Equally, they also offer fantastic ventilation in the home. Due to a sliding sash window's ability to open both from the bottom and top at the same time, a constant flow of air is created in a room. Especially during the warmer months a sash window can help to keep rooms cool.


Are Sash Windows Energy Efficient?

All of our windows are created using technologically advanced timber that helps to minimise any chance of swelling or warping in your wooden sash windows. This will help to stop any unwanted drafts from pushing through into your home, and will stop any valuable heat from leaving too.

As well, all of our sash windows are designed with 23 hidden vinyl seals, and double glazing filled with Krypton gas.

Instead of being filled with standard air, all of our double-glazed windows are filled with Krypton gas to help increase insulation and energy efficiency.

Where some wooden window suppliers might use standard air or Argon gas, at Timber Windows we use Krypton gas as it is a much more effective insulator.

Why Should you you choose timber windows sash windows?

Here at Timber Windows, we want to help create a home that you can be proud of.

Our aim is to create a sliding sash window that is secure, weather resistant, rot resistant, won't warp or swell and has industry leading insulation qualities, all whilst maintaining the character and charm that is desirable about a sash window.

Visit our showroom to find out how our range will benefit you.

  • white wood bay window
    Sash Window
  • large house with white wooden sash windows and sage green wooden door
    Sash Window
  • white wooden panelled front window
    Sash Window
  • house with green timber windows
    Sash Window

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