What Colour Should you Paint your Entrance Door?

Colours can help us to convey all forms of emotion in every aspect of our lives, whether it be through our clothes, in business through marketing and advertisement, or even our home design.

Although it is important to set the mood of your home internally, it is equally vital to portray this image from the outside too. Designing your entrance doors is a creative way in which you can express emotions to your visitors, and set the mood of your home.

In this blog, we’ll give you a list of some of the best colour options for your front door, and the meaning behind them, so you can choose a colour that perfectly fits the mood of you, and your home.


A red front door has traditionally been associated by homeowners with hospitality. Especially in early American history, red would signify to travellers that they were welcome to stay in houses overnight.

Thus, red helps to portray to visitors that your home is welcoming, and potentially a place of safety.

Alternatively, the colour red is also associated with fun and passion due to its bright nature. So, if your home is lively and a place everyone always wants to visit, red is also a great entrance door colour too.

red wooden front door with frosted glass


Yellow front doors make a bold statement to any visitor or passer-by. The colour yellow is most associated with feelings of happiness and creativity.

If you want your home to be seen as inviting, upbeat and reflect a friendly atmosphere, a yellow entrance door is definitely the option to go for.

But be careful, a little yellow is great, but if you go too far, the colour can become overpowering, and overstimulating to look at.


Typically, the colour green is reflective of money, wealth, and confidence, so is a great colour to use for your entrance door if you perhaps have invested a lot into your home and want to portray this to people. If this is the case, a dark, deep green would be an ideal shade to use.

Otherwise, lighter shades of green can also portray adventurous tendencies within your home. If you find yourself constantly looking for your next trip away to do something exciting, choose lighter shades of green for your entrance door to reveal this.

green wooden front door with bronze knob and knocker


The colour blue encompasses all different shades that can exude multiple different moods and personalities.

Where a light, pastel blue suggests tranquillity and relaxation, a much darker blue can portray your house as being regimented and conservative, and a bright blue can suggest playfulness and fun.

So, whichever shade of blue best fits your homes atmosphere is the best front door colour to choose.

However, the shade of blue you choose for your entrance door can also be dictated by the trends, and your surroundings too.

A lighter blue, like mentioned above, is most commonly associated with coastal towns, and places with a much slower way of living, whereas darker blues are most commonly being found on newer doors, and new builds, and are quite trendy in the market right now. 


A classic black entrance door is the epitome of front door elegance and exudes a traditional home exterior. Black is a colour that will suit any home style and is great if your style is more minimalist than maximalist.

Whilst being traditional a black front door is also very formal and timeless too. Visitors who see this colour on your front door will likely assume that your home interior is well kept and very organised. If this sounds like you, black might be a great colour to incorporate into your outer home design.

navy blue wooden front door with silver accents


Much like a black front door, a white entrance door displays traditional qualities and is a very safe option when choosing the colour of your front door. Much like black, a white front door will go with any home style to make the front of your house like cohesive.

The colour white also creates a light and airy feeling around your home. If your home interior is minimalistic in its design, and you like your home to have a peaceful, spa-like essence to it, a white coloured door is a great option for you.

Brown or Wooden

Brown, or wooden entrance doors can give your home a rich, rustic, and earthy feel. The look of this door can bring a degree of authenticity to your home and elevate its natural character; this helps to give it a “real” appearance.

A natural-coloured door will make your home appear down-to-earth to visitors and passers-by and can also give your home an artistic edge too, due to the specific and intricate details found in natural wood.

Brown wood front door in porch

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