Are wooden sash windows energy efficient?

Wooden sash windows are an elegant way to add personality and class to any period home. As well as being attractive in design, wooden sash windows can also be a valuable asset when looking to improve the energy efficiency of a house.

Although many homeowners are given the impression that wooden sash windows are not a viable energy efficient option, this is simply not the case.

How can wooden sash windows improve the energy efficiency of your home?

When it comes to wooden sash window design, many people tend to think that it is the sash windows wooden framing that allows cold draughts to penetrate the home.

However, due to timber being a naturally insulating material, high quality wooden sash windows will actually provide better thermal efficiency than uPVC sash windows.

In reality, it is actually the type of glazing installed in the wooden sash window that will determine the thermal performance of a sash window during the winter months.   

Double glazing has traditionally been the superior option for any type of windows, over single glazing, as a way of improving the thermal efficiency of homes. However, this type of glazing has seen additional development since it was first introduced in the 1970’s.

How can window glazing affect the thermal efficiency of your wooden sash windows?

Today, the best type of double glazing available on the market is glazing that has a low U-value. The U-value of window glazing can inform homeowners as to how well a window can retain heat and thus inform as to how energy efficient the glass window will be.

To ensure that this U-value remains as low as possible, which indicates that the glazing will have better insulating abilities, wooden sash window glazing is usually filled with Krypton or Argon gas. 

These odourless, colourless, and non-toxic gases are ideal for window and door use due to their density. Their high-density properties help to provide additional insulation to double glazing, making it more thermally efficient which in turn, can help to reduce energy costs in the home.

Why choose our wooden sash windows?

At Timber Windows North, we are the experts in creating wooden sash windows that are look both stunning on your home exterior, whilst also making your house as thermally efficient as possible.

For all of our wooden sash windows, we use thermally enhanced insulating double-glazed panelling. This helps us to create double glazed window panelling that has an extremely low U-value and better heat retention. To enhance this insulation further, we also fill all of our double-glazed panels with Krypton gas, due to its superior insulating qualities.

To prevent any draughts from entering your home, we make sure to manufacture all of our wooden sash windows with 23 vinyl seals to ensure you do not experience any draughts or rattles for the outside elements.

Whilst thermal efficiency is extremely important to homeowners, we also understand that the aesthetic of these period wooden windows is of equal importance too.

When designing our wooden sash windows, we make sure to hide any window seals so there is no view of any unpleasant brushes; something we have seen time and time again on newly renovated wooden sash windows.

Wooden sash windows in Leeds

So, the simple answer to the question of ‘are wooden sash windows energy efficient?’ is yes, they are.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not a sash windows wooden framing that can risk heat loss within your home, but the type of glass panelling installed in the windows. Ensuring your wooden sash windows are designed with quality insulating double-glazing will ensure that your wooden sash windows remain as energy efficient as possible.

Our goal at Timber Windows North is to provide you with wooden sash windows that are fit for use. Our specially engineered timber and Krypton filled double glazing ensures that your home will stay as thermally efficient as possible throughout many winter seasons to come.

We’ve installed beautiful wooden sash windows throughout Leeds and the surrounding areas of Yorkshire so please contact us if you’d like some local addresses to view our products.

Alternatively, why not book a visit to see and feel them in person in our showroom at Harewood, located between Leeds and Harrogate.  

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