Are timber tilt & turn windows energy efficient?

Wooden tilt and turn windows are a superb window option for both modern and traditional homeowners looking to increase airflow or inject more natural sunlight into their home. A further benefit to wooden tilt and turn windows, contrary to popular belief, is their ability to increase the thermal efficiency of a home too.

With air leakage being one of the biggest contributors to heat loss in the home, we understand the importance of optimal thermal efficiency. This is why the structure of our timber tilt and turn windows ensure optimum heat retention

Durable wood, quality glass panelling, and effective polymer seals all help to ensure we can provide you with a wooden tilt and turn window that will keep your home warm, and any cold draughts out.

In this blog, we’ll look at these features in-depth to show you why Timber Windows tilt and turn windows are the best window choice to help your home remain energy efficient this winter, keeping you warm and your energy costs low.

1. Durable wooden frames

A quality wooden window frame is integral in creating a wooden tilt and turn window that is thermally efficient, and will keep your home warm throughout the bitter winters. Whilst wood is already a naturally insulating material, any alterations to its structure can lessen the quality of insulation considerably.

A way in which suppliers look to maintain the integrity of their wooden framing is through the use of multi-layered timber. Popular in Scandinavia and Northern Europe, this multi-layered timber structure is highly effective in stopping any warping or twisting occurring in the wood, thus making it effective for insulating wooden windows and timber doors.

We at Timber Windows use engineered timber in all of our products, including our wooden tilt and turn windows.

As a result of its opposing grains, the use of wood with this unique structure allows any moisture to be evenly distributed throughout its channels. In wet weather, this distribution helps to inhibit the wood from drastically twisting and becoming cracked, which could allow cold draughts into your home, and let warm air out.

2. Double glazed glass panelling

The correct type of glazing is also vital to ensure your wooden tilt and turn windows are energy efficient.

Single and double-glazed glass panelling is commonly found in most window installations with double-glazing traditionally being the desirable choice to support heat retention in the home. However, technology advancements have allowed panelling choices to go beyond simple double glazing.

Whilst double glazing can be effective on its own, we further look to improve the thermal efficiency of our tilt and turn windows through the use of argon gas. Argon gas is commonly used as an insulation technique by many window manufacturers due to its density which helps to further minimise any heat loss.

As a result, the argon gas is designed to be inserted between the glass panelling of our double glazing, in all of our timber windows.

All of the wooden tilt and turn windows manufactured at Timber Windows are additionally designed using enhanced, thermally insulating glass. The use of this technologically advanced glass allows us to create wooden windows that are optimally insulated, with an extremely low U-value, ensuring maximum heat retention.

red painted wooden window

3. Polymer seals

Quality window seals are also highly effective in creating energy efficient tilt and turn windows. When it comes to window insulation, the breakdown of such seals can often lead to drafts penetrating the home, and moisture damage. This consequently leaves your energy bills extremely high, and your wooden window frame warped and rotting.

To combat this problem for our customers, our timber tilt and turn windows use a combination of vinyl perimeter seals, rubber capillary seals and polymer seals to protect against any drafts and water ingress. The seals perfectly mould to the purpose made grooves on both the inside and outside of our tilt and turn windows, allowing for a completely unobtrusive seal.

How can timber windows help with the installation of your wooden tilt & turn windows?

The simple answer to the question ‘are wooden tilt and turn windows energy efficient?’ is yes.

As long as the correct materials and technology are used, your new tilt and turn windows will help to keep your home thermally efficient and contribute to lowering your energy costs for many winters to come.

At Timber Windows North, our top priority is making sure our timber tilt and turn windows are the perfect fit for your home.  We make sure that our wooden tilt and turn windows come with high-quality insulation properties that will help keep your home warm throughout the winter months.  If you’re looking for an alternative window design to traditional windows, we definitely recommend these.

If you’d like to speak to one of our expert team members about the installation of our wooden tilt and turn windows, or any of our other windows, you can phone us on 0113 288 6117, or why not visit our fantastic showroom in Harewood, Leeds. You can find further details of this here.