Can wooden windows help to save money on your energy bills?

As energy prices continue to rise and household bills continue to increase alongside them, homeowners have become increasingly worried about their ability to sustain their monthly energy costs. In 2023, energy bills for a typical household are expected to rise by around 20%.

Whilst the government has provided some support, those living in older houses with poor insulation will pay the highest price during the winter months. Because of this, many people will be looking to reduce their energy consumption as much as possible.

Though some people will choose to simply use their heating less frequently and for shorter lengths of time, others are considering more permanent changes to their home such as replacing old, draughty windows.

Should I replace my old windows?

In the UK, 18% of heat is typically lost through old windows, and those with single glazed windows lose potentially double this at a much quicker rate. This statistic makes it clear that replacing your windows can make a huge difference to the heat retention in your home.

Whether this be a complete replacement or a simple glazing upgrade, even the smallest improvement will make a difference to the thermal performance of your windows and help to keep your household energy bills low.

Are wooden windows the best window replacement?

Timber is the most thermally efficient material compared to other materials such as uPVC.

As well as being insulating, wooden windows are also the most environmentally friendly choice without compromising on their overall durability, meaning that your timber windows will last for years with minimal maintenance and little harm to the environment.

At Timber Windows, all of our wooden windows are manufactured using modern, multi-layered engineered wood which is effective in limiting any warping and twisting in the wood’s structure; this is due to the opposing grains evening out any natural moisture movement. This will limit any significant heat loss in your home.

Should I upgrade my window glazing?

As we have already discussed, large amounts of heat can be lost in your home if you do not have the correct type of glazing. Because of this, we would recommend upgrading your window panes to the most modern form of glazing there is.

Whilst most homeowners would simply choose double glazing, at Timber Windows all of our windows incorporate double glazing with enhanced thermally insulating glass with a low U-value.

The U-value is a glass performance metric that indicates the insulating characteristics of the glass and put simply, the lower the U-value, the more insulating a pane of glass is. This low U-value can be attributed to the fact we also fill the glazing’s cavity with argon gas to further improve your windows thermal efficiency. We also include low conductivity spacer bars to minimise any heat loss around the windows edges too.

The result of this technology? We estimate that our glazing units will have an 80% increase in energy savings compared to single glazed windows, and a 45% increase on energy savings compared to standard double-glazed windows.

Why choose wooden windows from Timber Windows?

There are also many other benefits that come from choosing our timber windows. Some of these include:


All of our timber windows are fitted with durable security locks that wrap around openings. We also install bolts on multiple opening points to limit the risk of a break in.

Glass panes are further installed to stop potential intruders cannot gain entry by removing the glass from its window frame.

Quality materials

As well as using advanced engineered wood and double glazing, we also use advanced glass technology. This technology also improves the clarity of your windows compared to hard coated glass, which maximises the amount of natural light into your home.


Maintenance is crucial when it comes to wooden windows to stop your wood from cracking and warping. To assist you with this ongoing maintenance, all of our wooden windows are factory painted before they are manufactured. This then creates a layer of protection from moisture and ensures maximum longevity.

We also make sure that all of our timber windows receive a base coat of wood preservative, a primer coat, and two coats of micro-porous paint to keep your wooden windows looking as fresh as possible. In total, you should expect our coating to last a maximum of 8 years without the need for re-coating.

If you do find you want to redecorate your windows, our specialised coatings ensure no sanding down is required.


Our extensive RAL colour range means we can decorate your wooden windows to your exact design specifications to fit in with the rest of your home design.

We also ensure all of your window seals are tidy to not interrupt the design aesthetic of your timber windows. Whether your seals are clear or coloured, our silicone seals are factory applied, guaranteeing a perfect, unobtrusive window seal.

Will wooden windows keep my home warm?

The simple answer to this question is yes. If your wood is treated and maintained correctly, wooden windows will retain heat in your home.

In terms of your monthly payments, you will also use less energy less frequently, resulting in less expensive energy bills.

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