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Five Of The Most Popular Front Door Styles

We love beautiful front doors. Since 1985 we have offered the best quality doors to our customers, giving them straightforward advice. Choosing the right windows and doors for your home can be a difficult decision to make. There are many different variables to take into consideration. In this article, we want to take you through some of our favourite door options. Whether you are thinking bi-fold or contemporary modern doors we take you through their characteristics, traits and suitability for your home.

Victorian and Edwardian
Victorian and Edwardian door designs range hugely from grand decorative statement doors through to subtle, simplistic designs. As a rule, the grander the house, the more decorative the door. Intricate leaded and coloured lights were a common feature throughout these years.

Styles were often solid and split into four or six sections with deep timber panelling. Etched glass was very popular amongst the Victorians especially, clear detailed designs onto an etched background allow extra light to pass through as well as offering a degree of privacy.

Victorian and Edwardian doors were more often than not painted in strikingly bold colours – reds, blues, greens and yellows. The door frames usually remained white to match the windows and keep continuity. Naturally, these styles and features are well suited for suburban homes, but can also look stunning when installed on country and manor houses.

French doors
French doors originate from, well, France obviously and have been around since the 17th century. Originally intended to provide light into a home whilst allowing access to the garden, their beauty has made them common sight in most British homes.
Doors can open in or out and can be used in bedrooms with Juliette balconies to take advantage of those clear summer mornings. Raised and fielded panels can be incorporated into the lower quarter of French doors to give a traditional elegance, combine this with slim glazing bars and period ironmongery and you get a truly stunning set of doors.

Bi-folding doors
There is no better way of breaking down the barrier between your home and garden than installing bi-folding doors. They are perfect for modern properties and contemporary interiors and can be configured in numerous sliding designs.

No other style of door will open up the entire space. By opening the aperture completely and stacking to one side, you can feel the benefits of open plan living, a faultless feature for a summers day or when entertaining guests. Not only are they stylish, but their practicality shines through with energy saving glass and slim mullions.

Patio Doors
Patio doors are a stylish choice for modern properties, and are regularly featured in new builds, brightening up the downstairs living area. Not only are they great for maximising your space, but allow you to enjoy your garden from the inside all year round.

The real benefit of patio doors is the slim mullion divide. Because the 2 doors sit behind one another where they meet, the divide is very slim and usually only requires one divide. If you have nice views then patio doors will certainly let you enjoy them more than any other style of door.

Stable doors
Traditionally, stable doors were primarily used on farms where livestock and horses are kept due to their practical features, but over the last half-century they have become an increasingly popular choice for home owners.

Split into an upper and lower half, they are ideal when placed in a kitchen or as a replacement of a back door. By opening the upper section of the door, you can allow a breeze of fresh air to flow in, whilst giving you peace of mind that your children or pets can’t escape.

The country look and feel of this style of door makes it ideal for cottages, barn conversions and properties with character. However, not only are they suited to traditional country architecture, but are making a more regular appearance in suburbs and some cities.

No matter what style windows or doors you decide for your new home, you will be spoilt for choice – as well as the different styles, modern day fittings come in variety of colours and finishes so you can create a home that is truly impressive.

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