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Hardwood French Doors

We love French Doors. They are a classic and are lovingly added to homes across the nation.

Hardwood French doors are a great option for your home because they are versatile; practice and super stylish.

Pair your French doors with your favourite paint colour to finish the transformation. Our Timber French doors come with complete protection from moisture absorption and are guaranteed for 8 years.

Hardwood French Door history

French doors originate from France (obviously!) and have been around since the 17th century.

During this period, renaissance architecture was constantly changing under the influence of new ideas, experiences and sights.

French doors originated and developed from the classic windows. These windows stretched all the way to the floor and led onto balconies. Over time they advanced into the French doors we know today.

The renaissance was heavily influenced by symmetry, proportion and light. Of which, the glass panels feature of French doors were established and extremely popular. The extra windows in doors allowed for more light to flood into homes – a popular addition at the time. Don’t forget electricity didn’t exist in the period.

French doors provided the solution to more light into homes, whilst also allowing practical access. Their core benefit still makes them top of the wish list for modern family homes today.

Traditionally they were crafted from wood and iron, over time the process has modernised and are now made with different materials. Wood, timber and hardwood are now the material of choice due to their stability, strength and longevity.

Modern French Doors

Here at Timber Windows North we have authentically styled French casement windows in our range. Our attention to detail means our French casement double-glazed doors look original, whilst providing modern standard of comfort, security and longevity.

The doors can open in or out and can be used in downstairs for access or in bedrooms, paired with a Juliette balcony.

Raised and fielded panels can be incorporated into the lower quarter of French doors to give a traditional elegance, combine this with slim glazing bars and period ironmongery and you get a truly stunning set of doors.

Every door is made to measure, meaning everything is customisable to your exact requirements. In every sense of the word. Choose the style, locking system, beading, ironmongery, glass style and colours. We then make this door to the millimetre to fit your home.

Feeling inspired? Find out more about our French windows by visiting our French windows page or get in contact today.