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How To Choose a Window Colour To Match Your Render

Choosing the right colour windows for your brick or stone property is never the easiest decision when there’s so many choices available.  Rendered properties can create even more choices because you must choose a colour for the windows and for the walls.

We are often asked what colour window frames and doors look best with rendered properties, so we have put this together to discuss the most popular styles, colour choices and how they affect the overall appearance of homes.

Spoilt for Choice

With an endless palette of colours available, it can be hard to choose the correct colour to paint your home, especially knowing that you’ll have to live with your choice for years to come. Therefore, to start we recommend thinking about what type of look you are going for.

Contemporary Window and Doors

rendered home with grey windows

A current window and door trend is to choose an off-white or pale grey finish on the render and pair it with dark grey or anthracite windows and doors. This gives a really modern feel to any home, but it’s important to choose the correct style of windows to suit the style. For example, painting your existing leaded or Georgian windows in a dark grey will almost contradict itself. Windows that suit this style are predominantly large paned, unobstructed units that maximise light.

Something to consider when making a choice as bold as this is to remember that fashions do change and if you’re opting to go for a material other than timber, you’ll be unable to adapt as the trends change.

Patio and bifolding doors are usually the most fitting to achieve this sleek look. Patio doors give the large expanses of glass needed and have less frame interfering with your view as the doors sit one behind the other.

Top Tip

Try to be different! Anthracite isn’t the only shade of grey that suits rendered homes. Blue and metallic greys will look fantastic when teamed with the correct tone of render.
Windows with coloured render

Traditional Window and Doors

We’re seeing a lot of customers pairing heritage colours with quite neutral render finishes. Most commonly French Grey with pale cream or warm white. A classic combination that will give any home that warm, traditional feel while remaining clean and inviting.

white render with coloured windows

You’ll see from most of our images that windows often include glazing bars to bolster the traditional appearance. Consider a single horizontal glazing bar or ‘T’ bar to add the feel without obstructing your beautiful views. 1920’s and 30’s properties looking to honour their Deco roots should look at having more than one horizontal glazing bar.

Why not consider combining a bold coloured render with pale windows? Doing so will give more emphasis to the building itself rather than the windows.  The installation below featured off-white windows with a rich biscuit render – something that was mimicked on the front door to tie everything together.

render and window colour examples

Neutral Window and Door Colours

White is NOT boring. Even with nearly 700 colour choices available, white is still our most popular choice for windows. Why? It’s a classic window colour to choose.

white windows coloured render

We select white windows to go with rendered homes for many reasons.  It may be that the house is on a row of terraces where a different colour choice would look out of place, it could be that the property has lots of other colours in the form of fascia, gutters or cladding, or, it might be because the window type doesn’t suit a stronger colour.

Some customers want to create a feature entrance where all the colour is situated at the front door rather than the render and windows – this is a popular choice for double fronted or terrace homes.

Whatever your reason for choosing a shade of white for your windows, you can be sure of two things; It’s a classy neutral colour that won’t negatively impact the value of your home, and, it’s a timeless, popular choice that won’t be going out of fashion any time soon.

cream render with white windows

Top Tip

Avoid combining white windows with white render. The 2 paint finishes, and materials they’re painted on, will weather at different rates and leave you with 2 shades that don’t quite work together. Render painted in creams, and off-greys will set your white windows off wonderfully.

Statement Windows and Doors

pink windows

Render can give you the option to make a real statement if you let your personality shine through. Choosing a loud colour for your windows and doors will certainly set you apart from your neighbours, but, if done correctly, can add charm, sophistication AND value.

Coastal properties especially almost suit brightly coloured windows or render. Maybe it’s something to do with the sea air!

Choosing the correct statement colour can be tricky though, do you go for bright render or windows, and which shade best suits your home?

Firstly, consider the choices laid out above, are you looking for a contemporary or traditional feel?  Choose a style of window and door that suits the look you’re trying to achieve and then suite the ironmongery and hardware through to match.

Top Tip

We’ve completed installations in almost every colour imaginable and they always look best when working to a scheme. Try to stick to a maximum of three colours for the render (and DPC below the render), windows, doors and fascia.  Complement this with the same shades of colour in your garden furniture, plant pots, exterior lighting and house sign to tie everything in together nicely.  The results can be spectacular.  
bright render and windows


If you’re opting for new timber windows and doors, remember this – you can always redecorate them if you don’t like the finished look and, in the future, if the trends change.

With the release of visualiser paint apps and edit programs it’s never been easier to choose a new colour scheme for your home.

Feeling inspired? Check out our useful blog, five colour ideas for your conservatory and garden room.

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