How To Style Your Wooden Sash Windows At Home

Wooden sash windows are a statement piece of interior design and an amazing addition to your household. Hand crafted timber windows can elevate any room, giving it an air of elegance and refinement, especially for period properties.

Although an amazing focal feature, many customers can find it difficult to style sash windows. Whilst they don’t want to inhibit the view of their grand sash windows, customers still want to manage the privacy of their home.

In this article, we are going to show you 4 ways that you can style your sash windows at home to catch the eye of anyone that sees them and elevate your overall interior design.

Voile Curtains

Voile curtains are a perfect choice to sit alongside your sash windows. If you wish to admire your wooden sash windows from afar along with their intricate design and aren’t too concerned with your curtains being completely opaque, this accessory could be perfect for you.

Voile curtains are created using sheer fabrics which allow natural light to flood in to your living space, making your room appear brighter and more spacious.

The soft and light fabric of the curtains also gives them delicate feel which, mixed with the traditional timber framing of your sash windows will create and naturalistic and relaxed ambience in your home.

This makes them ideal for rooms that don’t rely on any darkness, such as a living room or conservatory.


Another styling option for your new sash windows is shutters. This design feature is becoming increasingly popular in modern homes today, and a great installation to add to your sash window frame.

Shutters offer you a lot of versatility when styling your sash windows. Café style shutters particularly, which shield the bottom half of your window and expose the top half, will allow you to showcase every detail of your sash windows whilst still ensuring your privacy.

They are also a great added feature to your room, particularly when the weather starts to get warmer. With window shutters, it is easy to control the light and air flow into your room, helping you to keep your rooms cooler whilst it is warm outside.

Floor Length Curtains

Floor length curtains tend to be the most popular and traditional option for customers when choosing their window dressings.

This option of window dressing can create a softer finish to your windows because of their fuller appearance and compliment the solid wooden framing of your sash windows. Much like voile curtains, this can help to create a more intimate feel to your room.

Additionally, floor length curtains can easily be accessorised so you can showcase your sash window as much or as little as you’d like.

Curtain poles can help to suspend your floor length curtains allowing you to show off the full length of your windows. Similarly, curtain ties can sweep your curtains to the side, and encourage your sash windows to be a centre piece in your living room.  

Window Blinds

Window blinds are a great addition when styling your sash windows, especially if you are limited to a budget.

Whilst being an inexpensive choice for customers, that does not mean there is a compromise on style and quality. Coming in many different designs and styles, window blinds can really elevate your interior décor and add an element of class to your room.

They can also be a practical choice to accessorise your sash windows too. Window blinds are great for controlling your privacy as they can be adjusted easily to your requirements.

Sitting just above your window, they are a great option to really show off your classic sash windows, and all their intricate detailing.

It’s Up to You

When styling your sash windows, it is completely up to you as to what you think will compliment them best in your home. If you’re struggling for ideas, why not look for some inspiration online.

Pinterest is a great place to see how other people have chosen to style their own sash windows.

At Timber Windows, we are specialists in creating wooden sash windows that are stress-free and will last you for many years.

We take away any worries that you might have during installation, so you can concentrate on styling them in your home.

If you’d like to come and talk to us about your sash windows, contact us here.