Sash Windows Buyers Guide

There are a variety of types of windows available for your property at Timber Windows North. This post and buyers guide will give you an insight into sash windows and whether they are the right type of window for your property.

The term window type is used to describe the opening arrangements of a window and has a knock-on impact upon the appearance of your building, the amount of space required to function effectively and the types of security fittings that are suitable.

Sash Windows

Box sash windows or the vertical sliding sash window with their elegant aesthetic were the most popular choice of window type during the Victorian period and were used widely throughout the construction of 18th and 19th century Georgian buildings. Sash windows add a stunning feature to traditional properties and are now used for the refurbishment and restoration of period Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian buildings.

Sash windows operate using a counter-weight mechanism balances the weight of the sliding sashes. Traditionally, this was undertaken using a rope and pulley mechanism. Nowadays spiral balance and chain systems are used to counterweight meaning that we have been able to produce the slimmest frame profile sash windows around.

Traditionally, the sliding mechanism of sash windows has made them more vulnerable to problems such as rot, swelling or warping of the woodwork, rattling in the wind due to shrinkage in the timber, and problems brought on by careless application of paint.

However, at Yorkshire Timber Windows we combine timeless design with modern technology to alleviate these problems. Our sash windows are:

  • Manufactured from engineered timber to combat any movement
  • Ensure all openers have 4 full wrap-around seals that are concealed out of sight to stop draughts and rattles
  • Use a chain system similar which solves the problem of stretching and the snapping of cords.
  • Use acrylic based microporous paint to provide maximum protection whilst letting the wood breath meaning we are able to offer an insurance backed guarantee covering the paint finish for 8 years
  • Are internally glazed to prevent the glass being removed from outside
  • Are fitted with 2 traditional fitch catches which are key lockable for insurance approval
Sash Window Styles

Traditional – Traditional Sash windows with Yorkshire Timber Windows mirror the elegant style of the 18th century meaning that they fit seamlessly into any period buildings or traditionally designed home. Our traditional box sash windows are made-to-measure and using knot-free, engineered, warp and twist resistant timber throughout. Also, we supply our traditional sash windows fully factory glazed and finished.

Hidden Spring – Our Hidden Spring Sash Windows replicate the look and charm of traditional English sash windows but are built with a spring balance mechanism as opposed to using a counterbalance system. Spring balances operate where the window sash is hung on pre-tensioned sash window springs. Spring mechanisms can be unsightly so at Yorkshire Timber Windows we have concealed this mechanism with the box sash frame.

Venetian – The Venetian style sash window is a twist on the traditional style sash window. They are characterised by a triple sliding sash system with two fixed panes on the outside and a centre sliding sash. The weights that balance the central sash are located in the outer two boxes, thus allowing a smooth movement and the central mullions between the sections to retain their narrow aesthetic.

For more information on sash windows download our free guide, alternatively, get in touch.