Should I Choose A Wooden French Door or PVC French Door For My Home?

The classic French door is becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners of new and older builds alike. Dating back to the 17th century, these beautiful glass panelled doors became prominent in France and have become commonplace in thousands of homes across the world since.

The reason for their popular growth can be attributed to two key reasons. Firstly, is their security. High-quality French doors are often installed with reinforced glass panelling and double locking mechanisms. This feature is valuable for customers as it reassures them that they do not need to sacrifice the security of a standard entrance door for something that is more appealing to the eye.

French patio doors are also a fantastic way to introduce more light into your living space. Their large panelling allows light to flood into your home to brighten up your room. Their double doors also open wide to let your internal living space flow into your external environment. All of this can help a room appear much larger and brighter than it is. 

French doors are a grand addition to any home and can help to make it feel more welcoming and can add an element of luxury.

However, after having chosen to install your French doors, an important decision to make is what kind of door you would like installed, Timber or PVC.

In this article we will compare both types of French Doors to provide you with a host of information to make a well-informed decision.

Wooden French Doors

white wooden french doors with grid

Wooden French doors have been a popular choice for many years to date and there are many benefits to having this type of patio door installed.

A popular selling point for potential buyers is their appearance. Wooden French doors provide homes with a classic, traditional look, and give a room a rustic and warm character. This kind of aesthetic has become desirable amongst customers in recent years, due to their timeless nature.

Timber doors are also more environmentally friendly when compared to PVC doors. Commonly, additives like plasticisers that are included in the production of PVC are often released into the environment and can be extremely damaging.

Contrastingly, the use of wood can help to reduce the amount of CO2 produced into the atmosphere and often the wood used to create the doors can be sourced sustainably. If you are environmentally conscious and looking for ways you can reduce your carbon footprint, this might be one way you can help.

If properly cared for, wooden patio doors can also be extremely long lasting with their average lifespan being up to 60 years. Further, it is reasonably simple to customise your wooden door using some wood stain and paint.

These aspects combined mean that the appearance of your French doors can evolve with any design changes you make in the house, without the hassle and stress of replacing them every few years.

PVC French Doors

white wooden french doors with wooden casement windows

While Timber French doors are an extremely popular option, PVC doors have become more common on more modern homes, particularly on new build homes and offer an abundance of advantages and desirability’s too.

Typically, PVC doors are extremely low maintenance due to being made from plastic. They therefore only require a quick clean up every so often to keep them looking fresh and presentable, unlike timber French doors, where owners will need to maintain the wood to keep it in good condition and durable. If not properly maintained, the timber can stretch and warp from exposure to the elements, which can impact factors such as heat retention and the lifespan of the wood.

PVC French doors also tend to have a simple and standardised design as they usually are mass produced. The benefit of this being that this can significantly lower their price point making them more affordable to a wider customer base. Although PVC French doors may not give you a vast design choice like timber doors do, if design isn’t a deal breaker, and you are interested in cost-saving where you can, PVC patio doors might be a more feasible choice.

Whilst PVC doors have a range of benefits, a potential downside to them is their lifespan. Generally, PVC doors need to be replaced every thirty years, with some companies only guaranteeing them for ten years. When purchasing your French doors this is an important factor to consider, as this can have negative implications in the future such as the security of your home, and further the running costs. Although PVC doors may be a lesser cost than timber doors initially, over time, the cost of replacing PVC doors may equal and exceed the cost of timber doors.

What French Door Is Right For You?

Timber and PVC French doors both have their desirable qualities, however the decision as to what kind of French door you decide upon really is dependent on personal preference.

Installing Wooden French Doors will require time and care to maintain them to a high-standard and have them remain durable and without any future issues. The benefit of this labour of love, is that you will be left with an aesthetically pleasing entrance way that will be unique to your house.

Alternatively, choosing PVC French doors will require significantly less maintenance and will save you a substantial cost initially. However, over time, PVC doors can become less durable than timber doors. Potentially impacting the security of your home and increasing your running costs.

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