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Six Tips for Cleaning Glass Patio Doors

If you have glass patio doors looking out onto your garden, you’ll want to make sure they stay clean. There’s nothing more annoying than smudges and stains getting in the way of your lovely view.

Keeping your glass patio doors looking their best is something any homeowner can do relatively easily. All it takes is a bit of preparation. Here’s a quick guide to keeping your patio doors crystal clear all year round.

1. Prepare the Area

The first job is to prepare the area so you’re ready to clean. You will need water, a microfibre cloth, some white vinegar, some old newspapers or rags, a brush, a sponge, a vacuum cleaner and a squeegee.

2. Protect the Sill

Next, protect the sill by covering it with the old rags or newspaper. You want to keep the sill as dry as possible when you clean the door, so this is a preventative measure.

3. Clean the Frame and Handles

Start off by cleaning the frame and the handles of the door, which are also known as the hardware or the furniture. The door handles get touched a lot, and as a result they can easily pick up dirt and grime.

Clean them with a cloth and soapy water to get rid of any marks. Once clean and dry, give them a quick polish to make them look like new.

Next, you’ll want to clean the frame. Use a damp microfibre cloth to clean the bottom of the frame, which can gather a lot of dust.  Adding a little spray oil, like 3-in-1, can help with stubborn marks. Then wipe down the frame with a clean wet cloth and pay close attention to any difficult marks.

Wipe the edges of the door as well because these will often be grabbed and pushed, so they can get quite dirty.

4. Clean the Rails

If you have a sliding patio door, you will want to clean the rails. If dirty, they can make the door more difficult to open.

Remove the door and vacuum up the dirt. Also vacuum the door at the top and bottom. Once you’ve got rid of the major debris, clean the rails with a brush and cloth and then add some lubricant to them before replacing the door. Silicone lubricants are great for this as they don’t attract as much dirt going forward.

5. Clean the Glass

The glass is the major part of the patio doors that will need cleaning, and you will want to clean it on the inside and outside.

Use a clean rag and dip it in water, then clean the surface with this alone. Wipe it dry using a clean cloth or a paper towel, and this will help to remove any dirt before you wash it properly.

Next, use a mild solution of warm water and detergent. It should be very weak. Use a microfibre cloth or a sponge and clean the whole surface, then wipe it off with a squeegee straight away.

Repeat if it still needs cleaning. If this is not enough, us a mix of water and white vinegar and do the same. Use old newspapers or a dry microfibre cloth afterwards to buff the glass to finish the job.

6. Clean Up When Finished

Once you’re finished, clean up and make sure everything is dry. Dry the floor if there are any wet patches, and then enjoy your beautiful clean patio door.

Keep Your Patio Door Clean

Don’t let dirty patio doors spoil your view. While every patio door will pick up dirt and smudges over time, keeping it clean is easy. Follow the steps in this guide and you can quickly clean your patio door to make it look like new again.

You should ideally give them a clean every few weeks to keep them looking at their best. Once you get into the habit of cleaning your patio doors, it won’t take long to do, and then you can enjoy the view of your patio or garden properly.

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