The most popular home improvement trends of 2022

So many of us have chosen to redesign our homes this year, and as 2022 comes to a close its important to look back over the past year and remind ourselves what trends have been popular to see what could continue into 2023.

This year has seen a rise in environmentally conscious homeowners who are desperate to add sustainable elements to their home, and the sensation that is indoor/outdoor living is something that has remained popular throughout all generations of homeowners too.

These trends along with a few others have defined exterior home design in 2022, and it looks like some of these trends are set to stay.

In this blog, we’ll take you through the top 3 design trends of 2022 to give you some inspiration for the upcoming year.

1. Bringing the outdoors into your home

A rising trend this year has been the merging of indoor and outdoor home environments and allowing living spaces to flow seamlessly together, as well as the creation of separate living environments. Although this trend has been popular for the last 8-10 years, this popularity has only increased since the COVID pandemic.

Up-to-date versions of this trend have been seen this year in the form of garage and shed conversions to create home offices and relaxed living areas, as well as the continuation of indoor kitchens onto outdoor patios. At Timber Windows, we have been able to make this trend a reality for our customers through the installation of our timber bifold, sliding patio, and French doors.

Sliding patio doors have been a popular choice for our customers due to their large expanses of glass, and the minimal effort required to open them. This has made them the perfect wooden door option for hosting during the summer months, and allowing more natural light into the home, creating the illusion of a bigger space.

For homeowners looking for a more traditional door aesthetic for their home, French and bi-folding doors have also been popular in facilitating this trend too.

More recently, bifold doors with raised and fielded panels, glazing bars and traditional ironmongery have been the perfect option for customers who want to add some traditional character to their home without compromising on modern door technology to create a seamless transition from indoor into outdoor living.

French doors combined with large sidelights have also been a popular addition to Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian properties, giving all the benefits of indoor/outdoor living whilst keeping with the existing aesthetic of the home.

Our timber doors have been the perfect addition to our customers home throughout the summer months and have allowed homeowners the opportunity for family and friends to gather in numbers without the worry of limited space.

2. Energy Efficiency

Throughout 2022, homeowners have had to handle a constantly fluctuating, and often daunting, economic climate. As a result, energy saving solutions within the home have become essential and customers have looked for effective ways to improve their homes thermal efficiency.

A way in which customers have achieved this is through upgrading their windows and doors to ensure they are as energy efficient as possible. Timber windows and timber doors in particular have been an effective choice due to the materials natural insulating properties and durability.

Wooden windows and doors have become a popular home improvement trend due to their long-lasting quality as the technologically advanced wood used in all of our window and door designs helps to limit any swelling or warping from occurring in the woods structure.

Not only does this help to maintain the aesthetic of wooden openings for years to come, but it helps in preventing significant cracks from occurring in the wood, which can lead to substantial heat loss. 

Timber window glazing has also been key in achieving this thermal efficiency too. More modern examples of double-glazing seen this year have used additional insulating products such as Krypton and Argon gas. Because of the dense structure of both of these gases, an extra layer of thermal protection is provided for your home, as an addition to standard double glazing. Hence, this form of glazing has become extremely popular amongst homeowners.

3. Self-Expression

Throughout 2022 we’ve seen many homeowners go bold with their home renovation designs with the aim of setting themselves apart from standard designs.

Particularly where more modern homes can begin to look a bit too similar, creating a bespoke exterior design that sets a customer’s home apart from the rest gives it that extra kerb appeal. Colours and shapes have been a key way we have achieved this for our customers this year.

Our shaped wooden windows have helped us to create interesting and unusual designs for our customers, which in turn has helped to distinguish their home from others on the street.

From porthole designs to raked frames, these unique wooden window designs have allowed homeowners to go against the grain with their exterior home design.  

Additionally, wooden stable doors have become an increasingly popular option for many of our customers. Where many homeowners now choose more modern and contemporary entrance door styles, timber stable doors have a unique, cottage inspired design, that creates a more traditional look for a home.

How can we help with your wooden windows and doors?

2022 has been host to a variety of design trends, with sustainability, individuality and outdoor living being our top stand-out choices.

With these trends rising in popularity during 2022, it is likely that they’ll continue to be prevalent throughout 2023 as well.

If you’re thinking about a new home renovation for 2023, why not take a look at some of our customer’s timber window and door installations throughout Leeds and Harrogate.

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