Timber Windows vs uPVC Windows: Which Are Best?

Though you might not think it, the material of your window frames is hugely important, not only for aesthetics, but for energy efficiency and durability purposes too. In general, the two most popular materials used for brand new window frames are timber and uPVC.

It is important to understand the distinctive features between the two materials prior to purchasing, as this can result in a difference in cost, durability, and appearance.

In general, if you are looking to update your home’s existing windows or purchase new ones, wooden windows will give your home excellent energy efficiency, last you for many years, and will look smart too; the same cannot be said for uPVC windows frames.

In this article, we’ll take you through the advantages of having timber windows compared to uPVC windows and explain why timber is the best material to use on your property.

Do timber windows look better than uPVC window frames?

The great thing about wooden window frames is the abundance of choice you have when it comes to the final finish. When installing timber window frames you can easily stain or paint the wood to suit the desired design of your home.

Timber windows also look great no matter the age of your home and will always suit older or period properties. When it comes comes to more modern homes, wooden windows can also add character and help to differentiate a home from others on the street.

At timber windows, we offer a wide range of RAL colours so you can customise the colour of your wooden windows to fit in with the aesthetic of your house. Additionally, we also offer our wooden windows in a variety of different styles to add maximum kerb appeal to your home. Our styles include:

Though uPVC window frames are found on more contemporary homes, they are not seen on older, period properties. UPVC window frames are limited to a few generic designs, and cannot be made bespoke for the homeowner, which can compromise the aesthetic and quality of an older home.

Are wooden windows more energy efficient than uPVC windows?

It is common to think that the insulation of a home can be effected by its window frames. However, it is the type of glazing you have within your window frame that will impact the thermal efficiency of your home.

Ensuring you have double glazed panelling installed in all your home’s windows will significantly improve its insulation compared to single glazing.

The use of double glazing has always been a standard feature throughout our timber window range to ensure maximum insulation in all of our customer’s homes. As well as this, we also fill our double-glazed panels with Krypton gas to create windows with the lowest U-value possible. This ensures that we can keep your home as thermally efficient as possible, 365 days a year.

Though glazing significantly contributes to the thermal efficiency of a home, framing is also important too.

Timber is a naturally insulating material that retains heat in the home, and keeps cold draughts out during winter. This is something that uPVC window frames might find more difficult to do as the seasons get colder.

Is there a difference between the maintenance of timber windows compared to uPVC windows?

When it comes to the maintenance of your windows, there is a slight difference between installing timber and uPVC windows. uPVC windows are made of plastic meaning they have a much smoother surface than wood, and can easily be wiped clean as it becomes dirtier over time. Timber windows require slightly more upkeep to maintain.

Timber windows may occasionally need sanding and re-painting to help keep them looking brand new throughout their lifetime – at Timber Windows North, we would usually recommend every five to eight years. Additionally, wooden frames should be treated on an annual basis to avoid rotting and mould developing.

Although this may sound like a lot of work, this extra effort can benefit you longer term. If properly treated, a wooden window frame can last anywhere between 60 and 80 years compared to a uPVC windows that can last between 10 and 35 years. This makes a timber window installation the ideal choice for your home.

Which are more affordable, wooden windows or uPVC windows?

For many homeowners, cost is a major factor when it comes to purchasing new windows, particularly in the current climate.

It is universally known that wooden windows are often set at a higher price point than uPVC. Though their price point might be higher, timber windows look best on almost all homes, and will likely add value to your property in the future, especially if your home has a traditional or period aesthetic.

In comparison, uPVC windows are set at a cheaper price point, however, this does not mean they are the best value for money. It is often difficult to suit uPVC window frames to any other style of home other than new builds and if they are fitted on any other style of property, it could be devalued significantly. Whilst you might make a small saving initially, you could be creating a significant loss for yourself later on down the line.

When it comes to purchasing new windows for your home, it’s important to always think about the bigger picture; with the easy maintenance and charming character of timber windows, it can be a benefit to spend a little extra if your home suits them.

Are timber windows better than uPVC windows?

Although wooden windows, generally, are more expensive and require more maintenance over their lifetime compared to uPVC windows, they offer better longevity, durability, are superior in appearance and are an investment that could potentially save you money in the future.

As well as immediately adding value to your home, the environmental credentials of timber windows are unparalleled too. Wood is not only a renewable material, but with consistent and careful maintenance, timber windows could last you longer than a lifetime.

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