What are the Benefits of a Wooden Tilt & Turn Window?

When homeowners think about window options for their home, many tend to think they are limited to one option of a traditional window, fitted within a stationary frame which cannot be adjusted. Although this is what many homeowners might think, they actually have another option to this, tilt and turn windows.

With the design initially growing popular in Germany, these windows have since become a new exterior home design trend on modern houses, due to their look and practicality.

How do Wooden Tilt & Turn Windows Work?

Traditionally, static frame windows only allow you to open a window by turning the window door outwardly. A tilt and turn window alternatively works on two axes and tilts inwardly as well as turning outwardly.

This dual feature ultimately gives the tilt and turn window its charm and makes it an attractive window choice for homeowners.

They also has a wealth of other features too which make them a great addition to any home, both new and old.

In this blog, we will discuss the top four benefits of tilt and turn windows, and why you should consider them a great choice for your home.

1. Safety

A key feature that makes a tilt and turn window a great option for homeowners, especially those who are families with small children is its safety benefits.

Due to its tilting mechanism, the window is able to be inwardly tilted as little or as much as parents see fit. The opening of the tilting mechanism is also tall enough to not be within reach for any toddlers or young children too.

Where a traditional window which turns outwardly could risk the physical safety of a child if not properly supervised, a tilt and turn window will help to minimise this.

The tilting mechanisms will also ventilate a home equally to a turning window meaning that a tilt and turn window will not force homeowners to compromise on the ventilation of their home for the safety of their children; they will simply be able to receive both.

2. Maintenance

Tilt and turn windows are also incredibly low maintenance for home owners. As well as turning outwardly, tilt and turn windows can also turn inwardly as well.

This feature makes cleaning windows and keeping them well kept a lot easier as there is no need for home owners or cleaners to exert themselves when trying to clean the window glass.

Especially when it comes to cleaning windows on upper floors which aren’t accessible from the outside of the home like ground floor windows, it dismisses the need for ladders or leaning out of a window, which can be dangerous and can risk injury.

3. Practicality

Tilt and turn windows also offer home owners great versatility and practicality, especially when living in the UK.

Some UK summers can be the hottest on record and winters can be dreary and dull. The benefit of the tilt and turn window is that you can tilt it to allow minimal ventilation into your home or turn it to completely open up your home to the exterior breeze. As the seasons begin to rapidly change, tilt and turn windows help home owners to influence the temperature of their home whenever they like.

The tilting feature of the tilt and turn window can also be great when dealing with rain too. Because the axis of the window allows it to tilt inwardly, rain will fall down the window towards the outside environment, rather than into your home. This will allow you to keep your windows open whenever you like but will keep your home sheltered from the rain.

4. Design

Tilt and turn windows are great for both small and larger spaces too. For a smaller space such as a flat, tilt and turn windows do not take up a substantial amount of space, due to their tilting feature. This allows the user to have the ventilation they desire whilst still being able to maximise any floor or window space they have.

Tilt and turn windows are traditionally made with a solid wooden frame encompassing the glass around its edges, which helps in creating an unobstructed view to any outside environment. Where sash or casement windows can often be made with frames running through the centre of the window glass, tilt and turn windows allow natural light to flood into any room and help to make your internal space feel much bigger than it is.

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Tilt and turn windows are perfect for homeowners who desire a window that is minimal maintenance, safe, and extremely modern and stylish.

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