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How Windows Affect House Value

Your home is your statement piece, it’s likely to be the largest single investment of your life.  Windows and doors, if chosen correctly, play a huge role in adding character, warmth, security, desirability and in turn adds value.  If you’re in the process of replacing your existing windows, whether you are looking to put your home on the market or just moving in, it is important to get it right as the windows you choose can have either a positive or negative impact on the value of your home.

Our guide will explore how windows affect house value, providing you with the knowledge and insight into the key considerations you need to make so that you can make the most informed decision when purchasing your new windows and doors

Double glazing is the key

A significant impact on the value of your home can be made through the addition of double glazing.  Estate agents report that installing double glazing can give an additional 10% added value to a home and increase the likeliness of making a sale.

However, there are important distinctions to be made when it comes to choosing the right windows and doors for your property.  Some properties can increase in value by installing any type of double glazing, the style and material are not as much of a factor on smaller, more modern houses. Therefore, weighing up the pros and cons and deciding on the right windows and doors is down to the homeowner’s preference of material.

Plastic UPVC windows on a period property can devalue the house

For higher value homes and period properties, the aesthetic quality of the windows and doors becomes much more important and the material used can negatively impact upon the value of your home. Buyers of period homes desire wooden windows that are befitting of the style of the house. To meet thermal insulation requirements of the current building regulations, replacement windows must be double glazed and achieve at least the minimum u-value of 2.0W/m2K.

Installing UPVC windows in a period home will seriously detract from the appearance, desirability, as well as the value. BBC research states a decrease of up to £12,000 on a period home as a result of using the wrong material.  The affect will be worsened as more stringent laws and more information becomes available about related environmental hazards.  You are, by law, unable to use plastic windows in an English Heritage conservation area.  Therefore, when replacing your windows, make sure you use double glazed timber windows.

Maintain that kerb appeal

Most prospective purchasers make their mind up about a property within the first minute of encountering it, this means that the true value of your home comes from its exterior presence. The sight of worn windows and doors can leave a negative lasting impression on a potential buyer. Replacing your windows will reinstate that kerb appeal and will deliver improved energy efficiency, security and value.

Lifetime Value

Lifetime value is an area that new buyers of windows should consider but often overlook in their purchasing process. A survey carried out by The Wood Window Alliance (WWA) and Herriot Watt University showed in a Life Cost analysis, modern timber windows have a lifespan of over 60 years and are deemed carbon negative.  Consequently, modern timber windows are regaining market share in the UK and now represent some 25% of demand by value.